Line Crossers

Line Crossers


Line Crossers by Pastor Tola Odutola
Forward by Dr Sam Chand




Line Crossers by Pastor Tola Odutola

Too often, we drift from one action to another without thinking about the choices we’ve made. In fact, our direction seems so fixed and normal that we don’t even realize we’ve made a choice that has significant consequences. Every choice is a line we face. We have three options: We can try to avoid the decision, we can react emotionally and make a snap decision, or we can look at it objectively and find the courage to do the right thing.

In this book, Pastor Odutola shares his story of difficulties and joys in crossing a lot of lines in his life. Pain can paralyze us, or it can be our greatest teacher. He has chosen to learn form his painful experiences. Learning life’s most challenging lessons, though, ins’t easy. Internal voices of doubt often join a chorus of others who tel us, “You can’t. You won’t. You aren’t”

If we find the wisdom and courage to across the lines that challenge us, new doors of possibilities open to us. We realize we can dream again, and God can fulfill those dreams.

No matter your background may be, the message of this book will help you cross your lines with strength, hope, and confidence.

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